I’ve worked with or for the following fantastic organizations:

“Dana is an adept powerhouse of editorial, design, and production. She has a clear and natural aesthetic vision, amazing attention to detail, and delivers on time. Even more, she’s gracious, warm, and articulate, and is always a pleasure to work with! She’s at the top of my list for referrals and contract work.” — Janine Macbeth, The Greenlining Institute

“As an artist, I find it difficult to “advertise” myself. Dana has been a tremendous help in defining my business’s story, making sense of my sometimes verbose chatter, and crafting it into clear, concise messages. She’s truly a gifted wordsmith—I don’t know what I’d do without her!” —Linnea Oliver, Owner and Designer, Bird of Virtue

“Dana has the rare instinct for what makes a story not only work, but soar. She brings a sharp, distinct intelligence and enthusiasm in solving the unique problems that arise with each project.” — Carl Angel, illustrator and book designer

“Dana is an enormously skilled and productive editor and manager of all facets of the publishing process… She is a great communicator, and she has outstanding people skills.” — Harriet Rohmer, author and founder of Children’s Book Press

“Dana is so full of enthusiasm and positive energy that working with her on Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match was not only a learning experience for me but also a pleasure. Her editorial eye is one of a kind and I’m looking forward to working with her again.” — Sara Palacios, illustrator