My name is Dana Goldberg, and I’ve been an unabashed word nerd for as long as I can remember. After a nearsighted childhood of regularly plowing through dozens of musty hardcovers from the library at a time, I’ve grown into an editorial professional with over 15 years’ experience writing and editing for a variety of organizations and individuals.

Before launching Whirligig Editorial in 2011, I made my home in the publishing industry (what folks now call “legacy publishing,” also known as print books). I’ve edited nonfiction and cookbooks, but my special areas of expertise lie in picture books and multicultural and bilingual children’s publishing. Today, as a freelancer, my red pen regularly gets a workout editing copy for print and the web, from articles on award-winning websites to full-length manuscripts to e-books. In addition to helping aspiring authors (and illustrators) whip their work into shape, I write feature articles, blog posts, product copy, marketing collateral, press releases, and more. 

How can I help you tell your story? Let me know by dropping me a line.