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Whirligig Editorial is a full-service editorial shop. We offer a full range of editorial services, including writing, editing, art direction & design, product development, and publishing strategy. We also offer a subspecialty in children’s literature and illustration.

If you’re looking for a manuscript or illustration portfolio critique, seeking advice on a new publishing venture, or are in need of a communications specialist, you’ve come to the right place. We can whip your manuscript or book proposal into great shape; we can write, edit, and design marketing collateral for your organization; we can provide expertise on printing and production.

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“Dana is an adept powerhouse of editorial, design, and production. She has a clear and natural aesthetic vision, amazing attention to detail, and delivers on time.” —Janine Macbeth, Greenlining Institute
“[Dana’s] feedback covered many angles and was much more detailed than what I had received from critiques from other editors… her delivery exceeded my expectations. She’s a wonderful asset to my work as a writer.” —Nadya Sustache, writer
“Dana has been a tremendous help in defining my business’s story, making sense of my sometimes verbose chatter & crafting it into clear, concise messages. She’s truly a gifted wordsmith—I don’t know what I’d do without her!” —Linnea Oliver, Owner, Bird of Virtue
“Dana exhibits all the qualities I value most in an editor. She is a visionary.” —Katherine Tillotson, illustrator

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